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Sunday 29 July, 2012

Sunsets and S’mores: An Evening On The Beach

When you get an invitation to the Jonathan Beach Club, you don’t turn it down. Other than being the sister club to one of the oldest associations in Los Angeles, it also happens to be on prime Santa Monica sand. So when (Audi Presents) An Evening On The Beach asked me to help document their [...]

Wednesday 23 May, 2012

VIDEO: Vegas Uncork’d 2012 Grand Tasting

Beijing Noodle No. 9 at Vegas Uncork'd 2012 Watch this video on YouTube I am sorely tempted to just let the visuals do the talking on Vegas Uncork’d 2012′s Grand Tasting–starting with the video above of Beijing Noodle No. 9′s noodle master showing you how they hand pull them, old school style. Looks easy, doesn’t [...]

Monday 30 April, 2012

Emeril’s Fifth Annual Carnivale Du Vin: A Starchef Superfest

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2009 Emeril Lagasse’s fifth annual Carnivale du Vin brought the charity celebration of food and wine (benefiting his post-Katrina New Orleans-based Foundation for Children) back to Las Vegas, where it was first held, and fittingly so. With four outlets here, Vegas has been a second home of sorts for Emeril, and arguably [...]

Saturday 28 April, 2012

Bite This: Vegas Uncork’d Year Five, 2011

Food is everything right now. It’s the new rock’n’roll. It’s the new sex. It’s the new black. It seems ridiculous to point out that it hasn’t always been such a big deal—after all, humans have always eaten, haven’t we?—but for you newbies, food has not always been such a constant hot topic (which means, it [...]

Monday 23 April, 2012

A Gust of Degustation: Vegas Uncorked 2010

Food festivals touting Star Chef appearances are nothing uncommon these days—they take place seemingly everywhere from Aspen to the Bahamas—but in Vegas, they like to do things a little bigger. Which is why Bon Appetit’s fourth “Vegas Uncork’d” fest (up and down the Strip May 6-9, 2010) not only featured healthy quotients of local and [...]

Cut Beverly Hills tempura squash blossoms
Thursday 15 March, 2012

Just a slice of CUT

Though I’ve been fortunate enough to dine at the Las Vegas CUT, not to mention many other Wolfgang Puck destinations, for some reason I have yet to experience one of his biggest recent successes, CUT Beverly Hills, in the impressively revamped Beverly Wilshire hotel. But for the restaurant’s fifth anniversary, Sommelier Dana Farmer (who’s been [...]

Saturday 10 March, 2012

Popping Uncork’d: Adam Rapoport Talks

Adam Rapoport listens. It’s a surprising feature, to be honest, in a New York Editor-In-Chief. The man who now runs Bon Appetit was conscious that changes needed to be made in the magazine’s annual Vegas Uncork’d event, but oddly enough, not so arrogant that he thought he could make those changes by himself. So Rapoport [...]