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Monday 07 May, 2012

Moby Chews the Fat

I’m not normally a fan of being preached to, but last week (3/23/10) a mutual friend invited me to go see Moby (Electronica “legend” & DJ) talk about the new book GRISTLE: from Factory Farms to Food Safety (thinking twice about the meat we eat) he’d co-edited with Miyun Park, at the Skirball Cultural Center, [...]

Thursday 03 May, 2012

Inside Starbucks’ Evolution: Pics

The opening of Starbucks’ first Evolution Fresh retail store got a lot of business press attention earlier this year. But I hadn’t seen any coverage of the actual pilot store before I got a chance to visit it a few weeks ago in the somewhat high-end Bellevue Square Mall (in Bellevue, Washington, the Eastern suburb [...]

Saturday 21 January, 2012

Successful Simplicity on the Strip: Morel’s, d.vino

I rarely feel compelled to promote corporate brands, but I recently enjoyed tastings at two restaurants in Las Vegas, both of which happen to be somewhat “under the radar;” happen to offer price points slightly below their quality might call for; and happen to be operated by the Los Angeles-based MCC Hospitality Group. It can’t [...]