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Friday 04 May, 2012

Signs You Are Eating In A Hipster Hangout

1. The place is called a “Luncheonette” even though there is no egg salad on the menu, nor any counter seats (both should be required with that name, really). 2. The chalkboard menu has “add BACON to anything” and “ask about our VEGAN options” written within inches of each other.” Head exploded yet? 3. The cash register [...]

Tuesday 24 April, 2012

Portlandia in Losanglia

So practically every other city on the West Coast topped Travel + Leisure’s America’s Best Cities For Hipsters list. So what? Los Angeles has… weather! And, plenty of our own clichés. Still, if you want to get that pure Williamsburg/Mission District feeling, let me direct you to York Avenue in Highland Park, where Cafe De [...]