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Thursday 04 April, 2013

Didn’t Save Room For The Pudding! Scottsdale Dining scene has Proof

Typically, restaurants at destination resorts tend to be reactive to trends, not on top of them, hitting the tail end of innovation, and usually with a bit of tone deafness. If the food is enjoyable without distraction, you’re satisfied. Inspiration is rare. That’s just the conservative territory of the resort realm, where gradual change is [...]

Saturday 23 February, 2013

Savage Pizza: Wildcraft Preview

I got a chance to visit Culver City’s new Wildcraft Sourdough Pizza last night during their ‘friends & family’ tester nights, and while it would be unfair to make any kind of permanent statement after 48 hours in operation, I thought it would be fair to share what I had, briefly: Wildcraft is a casual [...]

Wednesday 18 April, 2012

Wurstküche: German For ‘Kiss My Weiner’

As I write this, there are 2653 reviews of Wurstküche on Yelp (and a 4+ stars average), so I’m well aware that I’m a day late and a donut short (as my daughter likes to say) on this one. But it’s been a long time since a venue bugged the F out of me inspired [...]