Cabeza Frita Cemita at Belcampo Meat Co., Downtown Los Angeles

Belcampo Cemita

That "Best Sandwiches In The US" list you just read? Yeah, it just became outdated.

Masters of pasture-to-plate, Belcampo Meat Co have a lot of things to recommend on the menu of their lunch counter at Downtown's Grand Central Market. But most singular is this elevated street sandwich: a fall-apart patty of head and trotter pork, both crunchy and tender (think carnitas texture, but more flavor) piled with slices of avocado, queso blanco and salsa on a semi-dry, soft roll.

Yes, at $11, it's about twice as much as you'd pay for the average cemita elsewhere in LA... but in this case, you have no doubts as to where the meat came from. In fact, the same company that raised the pig is serving it to you.

Belcampo Meat Co.

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