Tuesday 24 April, 2012

Portlandia in Losanglia


So practically every other city on the West Coast topped Travel + Leisure's America's Best Cities For Hipsters list. So what? Los Angeles has... weather! And, plenty of our own clichés.

Still, if you want to get that pure Williamsburg/Mission District feeling, let me direct you to York Avenue in Highland Park, where Cafe De Leche is keeping it real. The coffee is Stumptown! The menus are made on a manual typewriter! The art is an Auntie Em-style bike hung from the ceiling!

Folks camped out here in front of their laptops aren't working on "scripts" (eww), they're working on apps! Or, I dunno, memoirs about being molested maybe.

Anyway, Cafe De Leche (don't let that Latino name fool you, it's not fooling any of the the Latinos who lived here before they moved in) has become one of the cornerstones in the last few years of a block on York slowly transforming Eagle Rock's lil brother-hood Highland Park into Hipster Perk, along with The York gastropub and now Schodorfs Luncheonette, Highland Cafe, some art galleries and the obligatory cannabis collective. Down the street, El Huarache and Galco's Soda Pop Stop still thrive, if you want to "go legit."

P.S. LA actually did rank #18 in the T+L story, where they indeed did call out Eagle Rock as the place for hipsters (thank goodness there are enough entrenched Latinos, Filipinos and just regular boring whiteys here to balance them out), claiming that Pat & Lorraine's is where Tarantino wrote Pulp Fiction, which can't possibly be true. Of all the many breakfast spots in Eagle Rock, P&L's is the last spot where a writer could hang out and work, least of all because 10 minutes after you eat one of their omelettes, you're running to the bathroom. They also said Eagle Rock was "South" of Pasadena. I guess Googlemaps must have been broken that day.



  1. I’m betting on memoirs about being molested