Saturday 04 August, 2012

Flour Power: SF’s La Boulange Under the Dome


If you live in San Francisco, you already know about La Boulange: goodness there are more than ten of the bakery/cafe/quick lunch spots already, which keep local competitors like Boudin Bakery and nationals like Panera Bread on their toes with stunning French-inspired sweet and savory stuff (Starbucks? Not even comparable). But I wanted to post some shots of the latest branch, "under the dome" in Westfield Center, because it really might be the best possible option around Union Square for a quick good coffee or lunch––even cheaper and even faster than the options downstairs in the Dining Terrace (it's a "Terrace," not a "basement," okay? lol).

Love macarons? They have way too many. And, are those baguette sandwiches really $3.50??

Just take a look at these pics from a friends-and-family day that I snuck into... and pretend for a moment you're in the Charles DeGaulle airport waiting for your connection to St. Tropez or Chamonix. Because that's exactly what it feels like. Well, without the snobby service.

La Boulange