Friday 05 June, 2015

Celebrate National Donut Day by Driving Through The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole

The Donut HoleOkay, this is just a totally overdue post (aren't they all...almost) I am rather shamelessly throwing up at the last minute to ride the glorious sugar and yeast infested coattails of #NationalDonutDay.


The Donut Hole

Still, I love the fact that The Donut Hole still thrives in all its glory in the middle of La Puente--rather rakishly set on main drag Hacienda Boulevard, such that they redesigned traffic patterns around its pie-shaped plot of land. I mean, that's a landmark!

The Donut Hole

Surprisingly, according to this L.A. Conservancy web page, the business only dates to 1968--because the kind of roadside "programmatic" architecture that it represents, an important but fading legacy of Southern California, typically dates to the 1920s and '30s. More digging shows that the building dates to the late '40s or '50s, and only became The Donut Hole (part of a small chain, though the only thematic one) in the '60s.

Sorry, did I just put you to sleep?

The Donut Hole

Anyway, it's nice to see the current Donut Hole owners (not the same family, and others in the chain went south a long time ago) aren't waiting for tourist dorks to prop up the biz, and are actually making some fun varieties for donut fans including topping with breakfast cereals, smores ingredients and for some reason, mini pretzels...?

The Donut Hole

There really isn't much parking for The Donut Hole (why would there be?) but it's worth noting that it does also have a walk-up window, which appeared to be frequently used when I visited.

By the way, this stretch of Hacienda and Eastward has a good share of other surviving mid-century fast food spots, including the irresistibly-named Snap-E-Tacos and one of the older In-N-Out burger places just across the street, and not far away, The Hat and others. Nostalgic for bygone SoCal? Head to the SGV!

Snap-E Tacos

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