Wednesday 30 January, 2013

Bon Vivant: Living It Up In Atwater

Bon Vivant cafe

Bon Vivant Cafe
As usual, I'm catching up. This is the briefests of posts just to mention Bon Vivant in Atwater Village. I happened upon the Market/Cafe a few weeks ago, now anchoring an utterly transformed stretch of creative retail on Glendale Blvd. nice enough to make adjoining Silver Lake and Los Feliz jealous.

I didn't have a chance to try anything, but was instantly impressed by the well-selected cheese display and deli case, in addition to a menu featuring duck egg, jamon serrano and manchego cheeseburgers, Scottish salmon and breakfast crepes. Most of the pricing seemed reasonable (although six bucks for an a la carte PB&J is pretty pricey).

Bon Vivant cafe

I'm sure their coffee comes from somewhere suitably snooty.

Apparently it's been open since last June. East siders, if you haven't found it yet, I recommend checking it out. The space is huge and inviting, with soft lighting, well-spaced cafe tables and big leather couches. A nice alternative to La Mill or Alcove.

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