Friday 19 September, 2014

The 10 Most Horrifying…ly Great (!) Deep Fried Foods at the LA County Fair


la county deep fried fair food
Deep fried Oreos? Twinkies? Peanut Butter Cups? So old hat. This season, the masters of County Fair Food are upping their game. Think there are some foods that just can't possibly be deep fried? You might be surprised...

deep fried bacon wrapped zucchini lacf

1. Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Zucchini: A ten inch spear of zucchini, for some very logical reason, wrapped in extra fatty bacon, battered and fried. May be your only opportunity to be squirted with both hot juice and hot fat at the same time.


2. Pop Rocks coated donut: Umami, that, bitch.


3. "Texas Sized" Turkey Legs: Each the size of a football player's biceps. These are totally natural, right?


3. Double Decker Funnel Cake: Relax, your fat and sugar intake for the month is covered.


4. Chocolate dipped pickles: Should maybe have a warning for anyone who is NOT pregnant. Pretty sure they can deep fry them, THEN chocolate dip 'em too.

deep fried gansito lacf

5. Deep Fried Gansito: why let the Gringos have all the fun/pain.


6. Krispy Kreme Triple Decker Cheeseburger: That's right, three burger patties, three slices of American "cheese" balanced between two Krispy Kreme classic glazed donuts. Because, hey, the wheelchair rental folks need to make a buck too.


7. Deep Fried Watermelon: I think the implication is clear here. Eat one, and the girls will totally want your stick.

mile long hot dog lacf

8. I'm so filing a lawsuit. The only thing mile long around here is the bathroom line.


Lost in translation...


9. "Ten Pound Buns" Sourdough: A thick slice about 12x5" covered in bacon and nutella, or sliced jalapenos and monterey jack. Oh heck, go for both. It all comes up the same way.

Chicken Charlies LACF

 10. The deep fried Klondike bars and cookie dough and bacon-wrapped pickles and basically everything that the brave folks at Chicken Charlie's are fearless enough to batter and drop into hot oil. Proud Americans, we salute you!

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