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Sunday 07 February, 2016

A Guide To Ethnic Markets of Las Vegas

And of all the things I did for Las Vegas City Life, I am probably most proud of this…some serious legwork here…and theoretically still useful. Ethnic Markets of Vegas for Las Vegas City Life 11/2013 Most of us are creatures of habit when it comes to food shopping. We’ll go to the nearest Albertsons, Smith’s [...]

The Donut Hole
Friday 05 June, 2015

Celebrate National Donut Day by Driving Through The Donut Hole

Okay, this is just a totally overdue post (aren’t they all…almost) I am rather shamelessly throwing up at the last minute to ride the glorious sugar and yeast infested coattails of #NationalDonutDay. #hashtaghashbrowns Still, I love the fact that The Donut Hole still thrives in all its glory in the middle of La Puente–rather rakishly [...]

Thursday 04 April, 2013

Didn’t Save Room For The Pudding! Scottsdale Dining scene has Proof

Typically, restaurants at destination resorts tend to be reactive to trends, not on top of them, hitting the tail end of innovation, and usually with a bit of tone deafness. If the food is enjoyable without distraction, you’re satisfied. Inspiration is rare. That’s just the conservative territory of the resort realm, where gradual change is [...]

Monday 14 January, 2013

A Perfect Sundae: Ghirardelli Square

It may seem strange for a foodie blog to heap praise on a tourist spot, but no one should be more surprised than I was. During a recent visit to San Francisco, I decided to return to Ghirardelli Square, where I hadn’t been since I was a pre-teen. Even then, it struck me as just [...]

Wednesday 08 August, 2012

Wegman’s: Not Just Supermarket, but Ubermarket

Friends, I have seen some supermarkets in my day. I have visited many impressive indoor “Public markets,” from Seattle to Toronto to Venice, Italy. I have wandered many beautiful farmer’s markets. I have shopped the legendary Harrod’s, Fauchon, and Eataly. I have shopped the original Whole Foods in Austin. Heck, I grew up at Stew [...]

Thursday 05 July, 2012

Of Apricots and Lunch Boxes

Anyone happening to find themselves in the vicinity of bucolic Firebaugh, California (greater Fresno) would do well to stop in at the one and only Apricot Tree Restaurant, conveniently located just off Interstate 5. I’m not going to go all Jane & Michael Stern on you and report that they have the world’s best chicken [...]

Monday 02 July, 2012

Picnic Vegas Style: Project Dinner Table Brings Vegas Al Fresco

For an upcoming feature in Diamond Cake magazine, I spent a good amount of this weekend trailing Chef Geno Bernardo (NOVE Italiano in Palms Resort) as he prepared and presented an al fresco feast for Project Dinner Table, a continuing series of fundraising meals set in uncommon spots highlighting the diversity of the Las Vegas [...]

Monday 07 May, 2012

Moby Chews the Fat

I’m not normally a fan of being preached to, but last week (3/23/10) a mutual friend invited me to go see Moby (Electronica “legend” & DJ) talk about the new book GRISTLE: from Factory Farms to Food Safety (thinking twice about the meat we eat) he’d co-edited with Miyun Park, at the Skirball Cultural Center, [...]

Tuesday 17 April, 2012

No Baloney, Abalone!

As I’ve said before, it’s never a bad idea to know your food  sources. During a recent trip to Santa Barbara, I got to make a fascinating side-visit to a moderate-sized abalone and halibut farm just north of town, poetically called The Cultured Abalone. For those who may be most accustomed to seeing it on [...]

Driscoll's strawberry
Wednesday 28 March, 2012

Berry Interesting: A Visit To Driscoll’s

Whether you write about food or just enjoy it, knowing your sources is never a bad idea. So when the opportunity arose to visit the Cassin ranch in Watsonville, CA where Driscoll’s Berries conducts their research, I was thrilled to accept. Prior to my visit, I thought of Driscoll’s berries, particularly their raspberries and blackberries, [...]