Friday 08 June, 2012

Steve Wynn opens “NOkada” a.k.a Mizumi


"People have been asking what the name Mizumi means," Steve Wynn told the assembled crowd of VIPs, media and eye candy at the Wynn Resort's new Japanese concept restaurant last night (June 7). "It doesn't mean anything, we made it up. I wanted to just leave the old sign up and call it NOkada," he said, riffing on the space's previous restaurant with the same name as a certain former Wynn business partner. "But then the lawyers convinced me maybe that wasn't such a great idea." Hi ho, Stevearino!

Perennial Wynn designer Roger Thomas did such an impressive job of updating and enlivening the formerly sedate Okada (without significantly changing the floor plan) that many partygoers seemingly couldn't even remember what it was like before. Or, maybe they never went. In any event, the vibe is ably matched by the food of Chef Devin Hashimoto, at least in the bite size offerings we enjoyed last night. Nothing earth shattering or too radical (though Patricia Richards' cocktails were as strong as they've ever been), but we'll take a deeper look when we return for dinner...

There are two sushi stations (one which I believe doubles as a Robotayaki) and a side room with four teppanyaki tables, then the rather large dining room, and a secluded outdoor patio across the "lake."

The party was one of those classic "Vegas insider nights," the likes of which have been fewer these days than in years back. All the heavy hitters were there (well, those who are friendly with Wynn), along with columnists Norm Clarke and Robin Leach, a celebrity DJ was "slumming it" with a set ("I joost did this because Steve called me himself," Mr. Afrojack told me) and Paris Hilton made a surprise appearance. You remember her, right?


P.S. Mizumi is actually a popular woman's name in Japan.

Mizumi, Wynn Las Vegas

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