Saturday 21 April, 2012

Cooking Lessons from the Chairman


Though certain pop music historians and fanatics know that Francis Albert Sinatra loved to cook, I never knew much about his actual technique. Until I came across this cookbook by the legendary Dinah Shore, who casually included recipes from many of her celebrity friends thay probably didn't realize they could cash in on their own! Miss Dinah included not one, but two recipes from Ol' Blue Eyes, complete with anecdotes.


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Just for S&G's, I did a little Googling and it turns out Sinatra finally did do his own cookbook in the '90s with his last wife. Says here it's out of print and going for around $90 (it was originally printed to benefit a children's hospital). That's a lot to pay, even for the secrets of Umberto's Clam House... but click on the image for Frankie's Eggplant Parmagiana recipe.

51GZXN23F8L._SS500_As it happens, my friend Carolyn Kellogg found an even older celebrity cookbook, with a recipe for Frank's Meatballs (click on the image to read the recipe properly). Carolyn was dubious that Frank actually cooked them... she shouldn't be. If Dinah says Sinatra could cook, I believe it.


Bet you're not going to see these on the menu at Sinatra, the family-approved restaurant at the Encore Las Vegas. Let's just say Chef Theo Schonegger doesn't exactly cook Hoboken style ;)