Thursday 14 March, 2013

Brought To You By The Letter ‘Y’



Surely anyone with a good-food radar knows about Bouchon Beverly Hills, the only Southern California outpost of venerated Napa chef Thomas Keller. But it seems like a lot don't know his French bistro in the Montage Beverly Hills also features one of his Bouchon Bakery walk-ups, full of classic and creative delicacies. At least judging by a recent sunny Sunday, when the neighborhood's Urth Cafe and Coffee Bean had long lines and Bouchon... wide open. Did I mention you can enjoy their wares (obviously alongside solid coffee and teas) in one of the city's most civilized park spaces with cafe tables and free wifi (and adjacent 2-hours-free parking)?


Don't kid yourself, the hippie chow at that other spot isn't going to help you live longer, and you're not going to get discovered hanging out with your mini-pin and unemployed boyfriend. Sure, the gorgeous goods here are decadent, loaded with sugar and glutened-up-the wazoo. But unless your doctor says otherwise, take a chance on living a little. While the hours at Bouchon Bakery instead, BH. It will be wasted time not wasted. Or something like that.

Bouchon Bakery Beverly Hills

p.s. Thx Katie Conway ;)