Tuesday 28 May, 2013

National Hamburger Day? Go Posh!

You could debate the need for a National Hamburger Day–after all, does the country’s most popular meat sandwich, and current obsession of nearly every celebrity chef, really need the attention? But since the cow has already left the barn, as the saying goes, you might as well have a go at it. If you’re in [...]

Monday 27 May, 2013

A Tasty Tease: Las Vegas Epicurean Affair 2013

Local Las Vegas food crits seem to love poking fingers at Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d, the biggest annual culinary event on the Vegas Strip. And yet somehow, they grow mute about the many other (albeit smaller) food fests in Vegas—perhaps because most are charity-related (and a good cause is a good cause), or because they [...]

Monday 20 May, 2013

Do ya, Katsuya?

Although I spend the lion’s share of my dining out in new or off-the-beaten-path restaurants, occasionally I succumb to the lure of a popular, established place. And that’s a good thing, academically: it’s important to keep a perspective on where people like to dine, what remains popular, and what people’s baseline expectations are. So I [...]

Wednesday 15 May, 2013

Lincoln Driven 2 Dine: A Dose of Red Medicine

Last night I got to experience an interesting promotion: The reignited Lincoln Motor Company, in order to get people to test drive their new vehicles, offered to buy them dinner (anyone, apparently: if you didn’t have a driver’s license, they’d drive you). Since dinner happened to be at Red Medicine, a place I’d been meaning [...]

Monday 06 May, 2013

Chinatown Chego? Prego!

One of the genuine strengths of Los Angeles as a foodie town (and city, overall, perhaps) is the seemingly endless number of ethnic neighborhoods sprinkled throughout the county–and beyond. But the oldest of these, Chinatown, is a bit long in the tooth in terms of eating. Sure Sam Woo and Ocean Seafood and a bunch [...]

Thursday 04 April, 2013

Didn’t Save Room For The Pudding! Scottsdale Dining scene has Proof

Typically, restaurants at destination resorts tend to be reactive to trends, not on top of them, hitting the tail end of innovation, and usually with a bit of tone deafness. If the food is enjoyable without distraction, you’re satisfied. Inspiration is rare. That’s just the conservative territory of the resort realm, where gradual change is [...]

Tuesday 02 April, 2013

Top Five Tips For The Best Pizza Ever by Enzo Coccia di Napoli

Last week, concurrent with the World Pizza Championships in Las Vegas, I got to attend a special pizza demonstration by Enzo Coccia of Pizzaria La Notizia in Napoli. For those not completely obsessed with pizza, Chef Enzo is one of the leading names in Pizza Napoletana, founder of the Association Pizzaiuoli Napoletani, helped organize the [...]

Thursday 28 March, 2013

Just The Tip: A Tease of Vegas Uncork’d 2013

I don’t really have too much to add here to my blog on this Vegas Uncork’d preview luncheon that’s posted on Really, I just thought I would post my own pics from the afternoon, as well as the recipes for the dishes, which the chefs were nice enough to offer to all attendees (all [...]