Friday 21 June, 2013

Send In The Clowns: Setting Things Straight on Circo, Las Vegas

Wading into the rumor pool is my least favorite thing to do in the restaurant world. Experience has shown me that nothing is certain until it’s already happened, whether it’s an opening or a closing, and to me it seems an awful waste of energy talking about anything other than: can you or should you [...]

Thursday 20 June, 2013

So, this happened: An Evening At the Hotel Bel-Air with Wolfgang Puck, David Chang and Roy Choi

“Let’s shock people.” That, says Wolfgang Puck, is what he thought when he decided to invite Roy Choi to do a dinner with him at the Hotel Bel-Air. “I think it’s good not to give people the obvious.” One-night pop-ups and chef collaborations are nothing novel these days, but this was just a little different: [...]

Tuesday 18 June, 2013

What To Order: Top Round Roast Beef & Frozen Custard

How many gourmet restaurateurs does it take to make a decent roast beef sandwich? It sounds like a lame joke, but apparently the answer is four, at least in respect to Top Round, a simple concept with a complex background. Anyone who grew up in almost any suburban or semi-rural area of the US in [...]

Friday 14 June, 2013

Chipotle Goes Asian: What To Order At ShopHouse

Eater LA has already shown a tease of the new concept by Chipotle that’s opening Monday across from the Arclight on Sunset Blvd. Now let me tell you a little about the food at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen (that’s the full name), based on a preview visit this week. There’s no hiding the fact that [...]

Thursday 13 June, 2013

Umami ‘Residency:’ Micah Wexler Serves Up Dead Chefs

Micah Wexler is one of my favorite Los Angeles chefs, just as much today as at his underregarded, now-shuttered restaurant Mezze. What sets him apart isn’t easy to delineate, but in an era where personal image and presentation flash are priorities for most chefs, Wexler has a way of putting a personal stamp on dishes [...]

Inside the Lazy Ox Burger
Tuesday 11 June, 2013

Post-Hamburger Day: Four Great East Side Burgers

National Hamburger Day may have come and gone, but the mania for gourmet ground round remains unsatiated, at least in Los Angeles, where they continue popping up in all corners. It’s almost too much to keep up with, but here are some quick “bites” on four burger spots around the East Side of town, all [...]

Monday 10 June, 2013

PSY Gentleman Style Menu at Bibigo –Now with PHOTOS!

I had a fun time writing this blog for about visiting Bibigo Beverly Hills and trying the new Psy -inspired Gentleman Style menu. Just thought I would post a link here, too, so I could share the photos of my “adventure” with curious fans, too. No white suits were harmed in the making of [...]

Wednesday 29 May, 2013

Jet Tila Chills Out with Kuma Snow Cream

Ever since departing from Wazuzu, the pan-Asian restaurant he opened at Wynn Las Vegas, Chef Jet Tila has been on a tear. When the Thai LA native isn’t running his comfort food cabaret The Charleston in Santa Monica, he’s been giving tours of Thaitown to Anthony Bourdain, teaching cooking classes, demonstrating and competing on dozens [...]