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Saturday 05 May, 2012

Best of Vegas Lists: My Orbitz Blog

Many of these lists, from my time as exclusive Las Vegas blogger for, are a bit out of date. Then again, a lot of it is still accurate… so, check the links with slight caution, but as a good primer. These were all very thoroughly researched….   Even while it caters to tourists from [...]

Friday 04 May, 2012

Signs You Are Eating In A Hipster Hangout

1. The place is called a “Luncheonette” even though there is no egg salad on the menu, nor any counter seats (both should be required with that name, really). 2. The chalkboard menu has “add BACON to anything” and “ask about our VEGAN options” written within inches of each other.” Head exploded yet? 3. The cash register [...]

Thursday 03 May, 2012

Inside Starbucks’ Evolution: Pics

The opening of Starbucks’ first Evolution Fresh retail store got a lot of business press attention earlier this year. But I hadn’t seen any coverage of the actual pilot store before I got a chance to visit it a few weeks ago in the somewhat high-end Bellevue Square Mall (in Bellevue, Washington, the Eastern suburb [...]

Thursday 03 May, 2012

Ping Pang Pong: More Bounce To The Ounce

Sometimes when you run a steady, sturdy ship it’s easy to get overlooked relative to newer, flashier restaurants with more marketing money. Such might be the case for Ping Pang Pong, perhaps one of the few perennial winners of the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s “Best Of Vegas” that actually deserves it. Both local and national critics [...]

Wednesday 02 May, 2012

Fine Dining In Las Vegas Magazine

For about a year and a half, I acted as the principal restaurant reviewer for Las Vegas Magazine, a glossy perfect-bound publication principally distributed weekly to thousands of 3-5 Star hotel accomomdations on the Strip. Naturally, the reviews included many of the best restaurants in the resorts. Some of those that remain among my favorites [...]

Tuesday 01 May, 2012

How To Stuff A Wild Playmate

While the NASCAR Cafe has become a victim of the Sahara hotel’s closure, Holly’s World co-star Laura Croft has become much better known since I talked her into this little stunt, taking on the 6 pound burrito and other outrageous eats there. So consider this repost one for historical interest only (and a bit of [...]

Monday 30 April, 2012

Emeril’s Fifth Annual Carnivale Du Vin: A Starchef Superfest

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 2009 Emeril Lagasse’s fifth annual Carnivale du Vin brought the charity celebration of food and wine (benefiting his post-Katrina New Orleans-based Foundation for Children) back to Las Vegas, where it was first held, and fittingly so. With four outlets here, Vegas has been a second home of sorts for Emeril, and arguably [...]

Sunday 29 April, 2012

Momofuku Noodle In a Blizzard

The beginnings of the blizzard, 3 pm 12/26/10, NYC Some people have no problem waiting forever to try out a new hot eatery. Not me. I am not afraid of crowds, nor do I begrudge any place its popularity. But inevitably, an hour and a half of standing around is going to dull the joy [...]