Friday 10 August, 2012

A Savory Supper with François Payard

ORIGINALLY POSTED 2010 I’ve been a fan of François Payard’s Patisserie and Bistro since the day the acclaimed French pattissier and chef came to town three years ago. Producing fine European pastries, gelatos, crepes and chocolates in large quantities is enough of an achievement, but Payard–who has strong competition in town in that regard–ambitiously added [...]

Thursday 09 August, 2012

Haute Living Blog: LA’s Best

In 2010, I took a position that brought me back to writing regularly about Los Angeles, blogging for Haute Living. While HL covers all things luxury, food is a strong focus, and one I certainly felt comfortable covering. Here are some of my blogs on LA’s great restaurants and chefs: Follow That Food Truck: Coolhaus [...]

Wednesday 08 August, 2012

Wegman’s: Not Just Supermarket, but Ubermarket

Friends, I have seen some supermarkets in my day. I have visited many impressive indoor “Public markets,” from Seattle to Toronto to Venice, Italy. I have wandered many beautiful farmer’s markets. I have shopped the legendary Harrod’s, Fauchon, and Eataly. I have shopped the original Whole Foods in Austin. Heck, I grew up at Stew [...]

Monday 06 August, 2012

Lucy’s Favorite Frank? Scarfing Johnny’s Lunch

On the occasion of Lucille Ball’s 101st birthday, it might seem fitting to pay tribute to a candy factory, or Vitameatavegimin, but since I happen to be in the vicinity of her native Jamestown, NY (where the annual Lucyfest just wrapped), the chance discovery of another local legend, Johnny’s Lunch, made me wonder if perhaps [...]

Monday 06 August, 2012

Chip Frenzy

Ever wondered how we got the potato chip? Like many great innovations, it was created in anger, according to one story, by Chef George “Speck” Crum at Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Springs, New York. Speck, in 1853, was irritated by a diner (allegedly Corneilus Vanderbilt, who was a regular) that kept sending back his [...]

las vegas weekly ninth island
Sunday 05 August, 2012

From The Mixed Up Files of Las Vegas Weekly & Sun

I also write about a wide variety of food topics for the award-winning print and website editions of the Las Vegas Weekly and Las Vegas Sun. Here are links to some of my recent pieces: Local Grindz: Best Hawaiian Food In Las Vegas Chatting with Chef Curtis Stone Forte lands a special delivery for Rainier [...]

Saturday 04 August, 2012

Flour Power: SF’s La Boulange Under the Dome

If you live in San Francisco, you already know about La Boulange: goodness there are more than ten of the bakery/cafe/quick lunch spots already, which keep local competitors like Boudin Bakery and nationals like Panera Bread on their toes with stunning French-inspired sweet and savory stuff (Starbucks? Not even comparable). But I wanted to post [...]

Thursday 02 August, 2012

Buying in Bulk at Boxcar Barney’s

If you ever happen to be in Western New York State, and it’s not freezing and covered in snow (and I realize this won’t count for 99.99% of anyone reading this), you may not find many destination dining spots. But you do need to make a sweet detour to Boxcar Barney’s. Why? Because not only [...]