Cabeza Frita Cemita at Belcampo Meat Co., Downtown Los Angeles

That "Best Sandwiches In The US" list you just read? Yeah, it just became outdated. Masters of pasture-to-plate, Belcampo Meat Co have a lot of...

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Belcampo Cemita
Fig & Goat Cheese Monster Macaron at Gimme Some Sugar, Suburban Las Vegas

Among the varieties of fist-sized macarons at this new Henderson, NV bakery (from a team best known for their celebrity nightclub birthday cakes--P....

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Gimme Some Sugar Las Vegas
Zing! Lesser Evil Chia Crisps

Yes, new Chia Crisps do have that same styrofoamy quality of those "veggie" chips you see pretty much everywhere. The difference? The aptly-named...

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Pulled Pork Sliders on Country Biscuits at Farm 24-7, Las Vegas

Tender, saucy and gut-fulling, these look-small eat-big sliders are just one highlight of many on the menu at this new B-L-D diner at Aliante Casino...

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pulled pork sliders farm 24-7
Drunken noodles at Lum-Ka-Naad, Northridge CA

Nearly every Thai restaurant has a version of Pad Key Mao, a.k.a. drunken noodle, but I've never had a better version than this: fresh, chewy-soft...

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Pumpkin Mousse at Sushi Roku, Forum Shops, Las Vegas

Though it may seem a strange finish to a meal of sushi, one of my favorite desserts this season comes from this atmospheric Japanese spot (part of a...

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sushi roku pumpkin mousse
Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes at MTO Cafe, Downtown Las Vegas

I'm not one who obsesses over flat, floury flapjacks, but this short stack at Chef Johnny Church's new downtown diner hit all the right notes, fluffy...

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Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes MTO Cafe
“Daily preparation” Deviled Eggs at St. Charles Exchange, Louisville KY

At a quick glance, the culinary scene of Louisville has its pluses and minuses--the Hot Brown in one column or the other--but also moments of...

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Roasted Poblano Corn Soup at Kelvin, San Diego

You don't normally go to eat at a W Hotel expecting inspiration (that comes the design, the clientele, or the soundtrack). But at the...

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Beanitos Corn Free Tortilla Chips

Yup, I'm definitely a fan of these crunchy, crispy, salty, everything you could want and nothing you don't "tortilla" chips. High fiber, gluten free,...

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Kalua Pig Benedict at Babystacks Cafe, Las Vegas

Breakfast is a meal that is largely overhyped in Las Vegas, both on and off the Strip, but one of the most impressive spots is the Hawaiian-inspired...

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Kalua Benedict Babstacks Las Vegas
Cake Porn at Chocolate & Spice, Las Vegas

Why lie? That's all this is, some gorgeous looking slice cakes by one of Las Vegas' most talented chocolatier-patissiers Megan Romano. The place also...

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Saigon Duck Curry Meatball Sandwich at D’Elish Sandwich Shop, Downtown Los Angeles

Cross the oh-so-trendy Viet bahn-mi with the incredibly unhip East Coast meatball sub, and what have you got? Something impressively original and...

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Saigon Duck Curry Meatball Sandwich at D'elish
Heirloom tomatoes at Delmonico Steakhouse, Las Vegas

"Simplicity is not simple," a little bird tweeted to me recently (actually, it was Bradley Ogden--more on him soon). Proof is this lovely plate of...

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Lightlife Farmer’s Market Veggie Burgers

I've become a fan of these frozen aisle supermarket veggie burgers, that are bigger than the average Morningstar hockey pucks and...

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2013-06-11 09.48.22

Saturday 12 April, 2014

Simon Says Fight MSA Benefit With Bill Murray PHOTOS

I was happy to be able to write about the Kerry Simon MSA benefit a few weeks back for Inside F&, not only as a fundraiser for a chef in distress, but also as an impressive food event. Wish that I had even more food photos… but here are all my shots from the evening [...]

Wednesday 05 February, 2014

The Filet Mignon of Beef Jerky–Literally

Recently my daughter referred to me as “The Snack Monster.” I’m not sure what that’s about–I suppose I’m no stranger to nibbling in between meal times, but when I do, I try to make it reasonably healthy. That said, I admit I indulge in jerky often enough (usually beef, turkey on occasion, but have avoided [...]

Monday 03 February, 2014

Las Vegas City Life: reviews and more

Now that my run at Las Vegas City Life has come to an end, with the paper’s unfortunate demise, I thought it would be a good idea to collect my favorite pieces here-at least while they are still live online. Enjoy! Container Park Culinary Crawl Eating Your Words: Resolution Dining Review: Tony Gemigiani’s Pizza Rock [...]

Friday 31 January, 2014

Chefs To The Max: PHOTOS and DETAILS of a historic Vegas Chef Collaboration

On January 19th, an historic dinner was held in Las Vegas at Rx Boiler Room, raising approximately $275,000 for hospitalized food critic Max Jacobson. The$1000/plate  event was historic not only for the gesture but for the impressive array of talent gathered to prepare the meal for 100 guests. While others reported on the night as [...]

Sunday 26 January, 2014

The Hat’s Pastrami Burger: Does Guy Fieri Know About This?

Did I miss the episode where Guy Fieri or Adam Richman visited The Hat? I must have–it’s not possible that both of those greasy spoon-loving Food Network shows have overlooked this SoCal legend, going on 63 years of heart-attacking a proud populus (ok, don’t hate. You’re not going to get heart disease unless you eat [...]

Saturday 11 January, 2014

What to Order: Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas

Refined Chinese dining has for a long time been something of an open secret in Las Vegas: nearly every major resort has an elegant, somewhat secluded Chinese restaurant, catering to the Asian gambling clientele, some more attuned to Western tastes than others. Wing Lei at the Wynn Resort has been one of the more noticed [...]

Sunday 08 December, 2013

What to Order: Badmaash Indian Gastropub

It’s taken a while, but I finally had a chance to sit down and sample a lot of the menu at Badmaash, a self-declared “Indian Gastropub” in Downtown LA near City Hall and the LA Times bldg.¬† I put gastropub in quotes because the vibe isn’t really pubby–more a converted post-mod loft space, more cafe-casual [...]

Friday 06 December, 2013

Made to Order: Factory Kitchen

I haven’t had as pleasurable a meal in recent memory as I’ve had at Factory Kitchen, a new unassuming Italian ristorante on a very nondescript side street off Alameda Ave., more or less in the Arts district. It wasn’t just the quality of the food that made it so (though it was almost uniformly excellent) [...]