House-Cured Salmon, Smoked Eel, Poached Prawn, Roasted Beet Salad with Glenlivet 15 at Paiza Club Las Vegas

It's been a few weeks, but I can't stop thinking about the impression this salad-course dish made on me at a special Glenlivet Whiskey pairing dinner...

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Paiza Club Salmon Eel Beet Salad
Cabeza Frita Cemita at Belcampo Meat Co., Downtown Los Angeles

That "Best Sandwiches In The US" list you just read? Yeah, it just became outdated. Masters of pasture-to-plate, Belcampo Meat Co have a lot of...

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Belcampo Cemita
Fig & Goat Cheese Monster Macaron at Gimme Some Sugar, Suburban Las Vegas

Among the varieties of fist-sized macarons at this new Henderson, NV bakery (from a team best known for their celebrity nightclub birthday cakes--P....

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Gimme Some Sugar Las Vegas
Zing! Lesser Evil Chia Crisps

Yes, new Chia Crisps do have that same styrofoamy quality of those "veggie" chips you see pretty much everywhere. The difference? The aptly-named...

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Pulled Pork Sliders on Country Biscuits at Farm 24-7, Las Vegas

Tender, saucy and gut-fulling, these look-small eat-big sliders are just one highlight of many on the menu at this new B-L-D diner at Aliante Casino...

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pulled pork sliders farm 24-7
Drunken noodles at Lum-Ka-Naad, Northridge CA

Nearly every Thai restaurant has a version of Pad Key Mao, a.k.a. drunken noodle, but I've never had a better version than this: fresh, chewy-soft...

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Pumpkin Mousse at Sushi Roku, Forum Shops, Las Vegas

Though it may seem a strange finish to a meal of sushi, one of my favorite desserts this season comes from this atmospheric Japanese spot (part of a...

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sushi roku pumpkin mousse
Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes at MTO Cafe, Downtown Las Vegas

I'm not one who obsesses over flat, floury flapjacks, but this short stack at Chef Johnny Church's new downtown diner hit all the right notes, fluffy...

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Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes MTO Cafe
“Daily preparation” Deviled Eggs at St. Charles Exchange, Louisville KY

At a quick glance, the culinary scene of Louisville has its pluses and minuses--the Hot Brown in one column or the other--but also moments of...

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Roasted Poblano Corn Soup at Kelvin, San Diego

You don't normally go to eat at a W Hotel expecting inspiration (that comes the design, the clientele, or the soundtrack). But at the...

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Beanitos Corn Free Tortilla Chips

Yup, I'm definitely a fan of these crunchy, crispy, salty, everything you could want and nothing you don't "tortilla" chips. High fiber, gluten free,...

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Kalua Pig Benedict at Babystacks Cafe, Las Vegas

Breakfast is a meal that is largely overhyped in Las Vegas, both on and off the Strip, but one of the most impressive spots is the Hawaiian-inspired...

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Kalua Benedict Babstacks Las Vegas
Cake Porn at Chocolate & Spice, Las Vegas

Why lie? That's all this is, some gorgeous looking slice cakes by one of Las Vegas' most talented chocolatier-patissiers Megan Romano. The place also...

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Saigon Duck Curry Meatball Sandwich at D’Elish Sandwich Shop, Downtown Los Angeles

Cross the oh-so-trendy Viet bahn-mi with the incredibly unhip East Coast meatball sub, and what have you got? Something impressively original and...

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Saigon Duck Curry Meatball Sandwich at D'elish
Heirloom tomatoes at Delmonico Steakhouse, Las Vegas

"Simplicity is not simple," a little bird tweeted to me recently (actually, it was Bradley Ogden--more on him soon). Proof is this lovely plate of...

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Thursday 18 June, 2015

How to make the perfect sushi roll with Sushi Roku’s Chef Haru

A few weeks ago, we got to enjoy a semi-private sushi rolling class with Chef Haru of Sushi Roku Las Vegas. Considering that true sushi masters go through years of apprenticeship, I felt  a little intimidated by the process, but most of the steps to making a sushi roll are pretty simple. I suppose it’s [...]

The Donut Hole
Friday 05 June, 2015

Celebrate National Donut Day by Driving Through The Donut Hole

Okay, this is just a totally overdue post (aren’t they all…almost) I am rather shamelessly throwing up at the last minute to ride the glorious sugar and yeast infested coattails of #NationalDonutDay. #hashtaghashbrowns Still, I love the fact that The Donut Hole still thrives in all its glory in the middle of La Puente–rather rakishly [...]

Friday 15 May, 2015

Where To Celebrate National Burger Month on the Las Vegas Strip

It’s well established that the Las Vegas Strip has become ground zero for burgermania, from Celebrity Chef spots like Mario Batali’s B&B Burgers & Beer to quality chains like Shake Shack and Fatburger, and a whole lot inbetween. But I have to give the Hard Rock Cafe points for creativity: They leveraged their worldwide chain [...]

Saturday 18 April, 2015

Steve Martarano Is Not A Chef

Ask him. He will tell you himself. Of course, what he means is something a little different than you might think. “I never had that opportunity, to go to cooking school and all that,” he told me, standing in the kitchen of his newest Martarano’s restaurant, in the Paris Las Vegas hotel & casino. “But [...]

Grand Central Market LA
Tuesday 30 December, 2014

The 10 best restaurants I ate at in L.A. in 2014

Tis the season for listing (oh who am I kidding, these days it’s always the season), and I am not immune. Before the door shut on 2014, I wanted to give some quick shout outs to some of the places where I ate in L.A. this year that for one lame reason or another I [...]

cassell's hamburgers
Tuesday 30 December, 2014

Cassell’s Hamburgers: Accept Some Imitation

I think even most fervent burger freaks will admit we are long into the late afternoon of the fancy burger heyday. Nevertheless, the re-opening of Cassell’s, long considered to be the “original” gourmet burger joint in LA (since 1948), created enough curiosity to make me want to check it out. Now located on 6th and [...]

Friday 07 November, 2014

Is Glazier’s Food Marketplace the Best Supermarket In Vegas? PLUS Free Groceries Contest!

I’ve never posted a generally positive blog before thinking that it would probably get me banned from the business I was writing about, but there’s always a first… Let me explain: Since moving to Las Vegas, I was increasingly curious about Glazier’s, a market in the Southwest that had won a local Best of Las [...]

Patina Omaha Shortrib ANA
Thursday 06 November, 2014

Dine at Patina on your way to Japan on ANA Airways

Chef Joachim Splichal and All Nippon Airways Senior Vice President Yuji Hirako hosted a luncheon this week to announce and preview an impressive new service for ANA Business Class customers heading to Japan from Los Angeles. Starting this December 1, ANA will be serving a seasonal menu for all meals designed by Splichal and his [...]